Arts & Lectures residencies are condensed versions of our month-long program.  These five -day residencies feature daily evening talks, presentations or performances with local artists, entrepreneurs and creative leaders in Oaxaca in varying locations around the city.  Each presentation is followed with discussion and conversation as well as a unique dinner from a local cooks or chef.

Our short -term residencies include lodging at a centrally located B&B, evening events, exclusive dinners, drinks, daily breakfast and airport transportation, as well as suggestions for optional readings and research.

These residencies are on a sign-up basis and are open to all applicants.  

Residents spend days independently --working, researching or exploring personal interests in the city and surrounding areas.  The group meets each evening around 6 - 7 pm for the evening event.   

Our evening events and lecturers vary for each program, but always are a mix of talks and presentations from artists and entrepreneurs in both traditional & innovative craft, design, mezcal, agriculture, architecture and dance amongst others.  Each talk and presenter is considered to be of interest and relevance to attendees in all creative fields, though we do our best to take into account the particular interests of each session's residents.   Dinners are exclusive experiences limited to participants in the program and our local partners.   

We offer optional suggestions and guidance on food, sites and activities for your days as well as assistance with transportation and other needs.   

Limited to 10. 

Upcoming programs: 

JULY 25-29 2018 

OCTOBER 17-21 2018    

DECEMBER 17 - 21 2018

Cost for 5 day program  : $1200/ person ($1100/ person for couples or co-applicants sharing a room)  

50% deposit due upon sign up.  Final deposit will be due one month before the program.  Deposits are non-refundable.



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