work of Simone Bodmer-Turner

work of Simone Bodmer-Turner






Pocoapoco is a multi-disciplinary, research-based residency in Oaxaca, Mexico offering time for retreat, a platform for creative exploration and space for a collective intelligence. The residency hosts artists and non-artists in a wide variety of fields to support research, conversation and community surrounding creative work, process and purpose.

Oaxaca -- as a place, community and culture -- is at the heart of the residency.  We work closely with individuals and organizations in the surrounding area to encourage cross –cultural education, inspiration and personal exchange within each discipline and project in hopes of building a broader and more engaging creative dialogue across countries, cultures and fields of research.

We aim to provide not only a temporary residency, but also a lasting and growing network of international artists, creatives, and thinkers.  

Each resident's approach varies — some use this as an opportunity to step back, slow down, and explore shifted or expanded perspectives within their current work.  Some dive in deeply to an already existing interest or project.  Others spend time investigating a topic far outside their habitual practice.  

Active observation, conversation and accumulation of knowledge are viewed as essential components of creative practice, with a balance of retreat and connection creating an optimal space for this work.   

Residency structure is based on length of stay.  All residences include lodging, amenities, and research support as well as various lectures, events and meals. Events are based on participant and community interests and resources.



Pocoapoco hosts 4-6 residents per session in our centrally located home in Oaxaca City.   

Our independent residents work almost completely independently on their proposed project or research.  General research assistance, project development, orientation and local resources are available prior to the residency, upon arrival and through optional meetings with staff and partners. 

Residents are required to meet one-on-one at the beginning and end of their stay to define goals for / reflect on their time at the residency.  Residents meet for weekly dinners and conversation with fellow residents, local partners and friends.  

We assist with project development and research as much as possible to create a platform of support, conversation, reflection and accessibility.  That said, all needs and desires are not always possible to access and the primary work does lie in the hands of resident themselves.  

We encourage all applicants to consider how they hope to interact with the place and / or community during their time here, and to take time to reflect on these questions

All residents are encouraged to spend time sharing previous and / or current work / research during their stay. 

Independent residencies include varied participation in ongoing short-term residency events, lectures, discussions and dinners.  

PLEASE NOTE:  We do not assist with artisan production.  If you are interested in spending time researching or learning a craft or skill, you are more than welcome.  If you are a designer looking to have an artisan-made collection produced, please do not apply to this residency.  



June 9 - June 30th 2018  

July 9 - July 30 2018 

August 3 - August 17 2018 (2 weeks)

September 2- 23rd 2018

October 2 -  October 23, 2018

November 1- 22nd 2018

December 1-22 2018



Residents are housed in private apartments within a larger, beautifully renovated Oaxacan home, along with the program director. There is also a shared studio / workspace and outdoor area.  

apartment one has a bedroom with a separate dining / kitchen area.  It has is a private bathroom, refrigerator, and camping stove.  This is recommended for couples and / or individuals who would like a little more living space.  

apartment two is a private bedroom and bathroom connecting connected to a full kitchen area.  This is recommended for residents interested in cooking, though the large prep table can also be used for other types of work.  The kitchen is  very occasionally used for other events.  The kitchen also attaches to a large central work area.  

apartment four is on the roof and opens onto the terrace.  It is a small single room with a private bathroom. It has a camping stove and a small fridge.  This is recommended for writers and researchers who do not need a large space for movement or creation, though the central work area is available for this.  

the "studio" is a live / workspace with ceiling high windows, elevated sleeping area, a large worktable, sink, kitchen area, and private bathroom.  This room faces onto the street and gets a good amount of light.  This is recommended for residents with a studio practice or those who need more workspace.  



We encourage innovative and varying interests, projects and research topics.  

We encourage you to consider these questions upon application.   

Contact with any questions.   

Collaborators are welcome.

We look forward to learning more about your work!  



  • one  //  $1200  
  • two   /  $1000 
  • four  //  $1100
  • studio  //  $1200 

**Travel to and from Oaxaca not included

** Airport pick-up and optional travel assistance included.  


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