La Comida with Joint Venture and Anna Dunn

March 27- April 1, 2018


“There is a communion of more than our bodies when bread is broken and wine drunk. And that is my answer, when people ask me: Why do you write about hunger, and not wars or love?” - MFK Fisher

This five day residency takes a closer look at the MEAL (LA COMIDA), breaking down and examining elements of community and land that come together to create a meal, as well as the unique connections and intrinsic knowledge accessed through the acts of cooking, eating, and conversation.

Days will be spent exploring and learning about Oaxaca through various elements of our evening tablescape including group excursions, visiting lecturers and teachers, assignments and hands-on experiences.  

With an emphasis on balance and simplicity evenings will be spent cooking meals, eating, and conversing around the fire with each other as well as local dinner guests who will be involved in the making of the meal and space. Conversation, creative research, reading, documentation and reflection will be, as always, encouraged, assisted and shared.  


Different types of fire, smoke and low heat, high heat, transfer of heat, fire is life, how agave farms operate around the general use of fire is amazing. Fire use with comals, comiscals, and food platters.


Machte, mortar and pestle, makeshift tools, being able to be creative and useful with surroundings for example agave leafs, banana leafs, digging holes instead of building a oven, barbacoa.


Exploring the markets, seeking out strange fruit and doing fruit and vegetable tastings, learning about pickling and fermenting, mole production, hall of smoke, healing mushrooms and herbs, ice cream, oaxacan cheese.


Green corn, grilled corn, a detailed exploration into this ingredient and the process of making masa and tortillas, nightly.

Mezcal and Pulque

Fermentation, farming, and fire. Exploring mezcal and pulque in the framework of agriculture and locality.

Ceramics, Textiles, Dance, and Poetry

Exploration of the museums, books, and galleries with a focus on the way in which almost all Oaxacan tradition, participate in foodways and are also infused with symbolism, storytelling, and intention.

photo, margo sivin

photo, margo sivin