is a visual artist from Paris represented by Galerie La Forest Divonne in Paris and Brussels, and Shuebbe Inc. in Düsseldorf.  He specializes in Printed Images, exploring various technique such as silkscreen or etching along with drawing and painting. His  work has been included in multiple collective exhibitions including Centre Pompidou (2009) and Maison de l’Architecture (2013) and in collaboration with various notable galleries and curators.  His residency work will explore urban patterns in Oaxaca, revolving around sense of contextualization, an exploration of specific territory, both as a physical and a mental space, and the urge to create pieces nourished by an environment and its experience.


 is a writer living in Los Angeles. His debut novel "The Bygones" will be published by Random House in 2019. His short stories have appeared in Michigan Quarterly Review, Guernica, The Rattling Wall, Beecher's, and Forty Stories: New Writing from Harper Perennial.  He is currently working on his second novel. 


is an artist, curator and writer. Her visual work has been exhibited internationally at galleries in New York, Paris, and Chicago. She has organized exhibitions in conjunction with MoMA, NADA Miami, and Phaidon Press among others. Her writing has appeared in publications such as The New York Times, Vogue, Food + Wine, Conde Nast and W and she co-authored her first book, A Wilder Life in 2016. She was the founder and co-director of the artist-run gallery space and bookstore Public Access in Chicago, IL and is currently the creative director of Gazebo Projects. She currently lives in Brooklyn, NY.


is a fiber/mixed media artist living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is also a Nurse Practitioner working in high-risk obstetrics. Her work considers materials that are often considered "trash" once they've served their singular purpose: bubble wrap, cardboard, etc and is concerned with our culture of disposability, instant gratification, mass production, and waste.


is a dancer, musician, and founding partner of Assortment and Assortment Press, an agency that supports artists working in photography, motion, and sound with a independent publishing branch for fine art books. She has been a member of the New York-based contemporary dance company Atelier de Geste for six years performing internationally, at venues including MoMa PS1, Barshynikov Arts Center, and Kaaitheatre in Brussels, Belgium. As of late she has been making ambient experimental electronic music as a part of duo Pétra alongside musician Brian Allen Simon. Prior to founding Assortment, she was co-owner a small gallery in New York City focusing on emerging contemporary artists.


is a Portland, OR & Tucson, AZ based shop/gallery owner, writer, artist, and cook. Her practice includes poetry/narrative, clothing, embroidery, soft sculpture, and baking. She owns and operates LOWELL, an ever-evolving concept store/gallery founded in 2011, with a focus on handcrafted, unusual, one-of-a-kind artist made objects and installations, ranging from antique to contemporary. The current iteration of LOWELL resists the confines of retail, prioritizing in-person/tactile experiences and gathering information.


was born and raised on the island of Guam in the Pacific, until attending NYU’s theatre program with an emphasis in choreography. Since then she has danced, choreographed and taught yoga and currently owns a studio in New York. She has choreographed a range of self produced and co-created pieces for theater, music videos, films, and performance art at an array of NYC spaces. She will be working on a new dance theatre piece using a mix of dramaturgical research, movement vocabulary generation, and setting choreography on her body.


was born on an island and is now based in Barcelona. His work moves freely between narrative, design, editorial, artist books, and performance. He plays with words and languages, juxtaposes images and seeks meaning through stories. He entwined his classical studies with an education in graphic and editorial design, communication, visual arts, movie and screenwriting. He is currently Partner and Narrative Strategist at Folch Studio, editor for the magazines Odiseo and Eldorado Experience, teacher in the Master of Publishing Projects and Master of Graphic Design at ELISAVA design school in Barcelona.


is a Berlin- based multidisciplinary designer offering creative direction, design and consultancy on textiles and materials for interior, product, art and fashion. She investigates contemporary culture to create intelligent concepts and material innovations for clients from various fields.   Her collections and art installations examine the function and conventional use of materials to develop new design perspectives. Her internationally exhibited research projects question the relation between garments, individual and society to reveal unconscious patterns of behavior in the everyday use of textiles. She studied textile design at Berlin School of Art Weissensee and at the Rietveld Academy Amsterdam


is a creative director, designer and founder of the multidisciplinary creative studio HelloMe, based on Berlin. HelloMe develops concepts, art direction, graphic design and visual experiences for various  protagonists in fashion, arts, culture and business. The studio works closely with partners from all fields to develop extraordinary work and interdisciplinary cross-media formats – creating progressive forms of communication and new gestures at the intersection of contemporary arts and culture. Recent commissions include the creative direction and visual identity of Volksbühne Berlin (in collaboration with Manuel Bürger), the rebranding of and ongoing art direction for Warp Records, collaborations with fashion brands COS and Nike, multiple publications designed for Sternberg Press, as well as the art direction and design of several exhibitions and identities for various international cultural institutions.


was born in Leiria, Portugal. She lives and works between Bergen (NO) and Lisbon (PT). After completing her degree in Painting, António moved to Norway where she graduated from a master degree in Visual Arts at Kunstakademiet, Bergen. She studied Chinese Painting in Hong Kong School of Arts and at the Design Lab department at the Rieteveld Academie in Amsterdam. She is the board leader of Isotop artist collective, was a co-founder and cultural agent of the curatorial project Ramsalt, Bergen and has exhibited regularly since 2006 in Norway and abroad. She has worked as a lecturer and guest teacher in several school and universities in Norway and abroad. Her work is represented in various private collections, as well as in MUDAM (The Grand Duke Jean Museum of Modern Art), Luxembourg.


was born in Milan, Italy in 1993 and now lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. Her practice exists between painting and sculpture with an emphasis on notions of routine and ritual and the resulting artifacts. She received her BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2015. Her work addresses themes of memory and the ways that it simplifies and distorts an experience to the point of abstraction — creating systems of colors, textures, shapes and objects that evoke the sensations that make up an experience, or the recollection of one. Exploring the implementation of visual codes and iconography in the absence of language, and the ways that we collect, assemble and compose the physical objects in our lives as a method of communication or reflection, her works have been exhibited at Ghost Gallery (NY), Exposé (RI), The Gallery Annex at Ace Hotel (NY), Danforth Museum of Art, and One Grand Gallery (OR).


is an Iranian American attorney living in Los Angeles. Born in Tehran, she immigrated to Los Angeles when she was eight years old. Passionate about gender equity, she is now working at the Title IX Office at UCLA, investigating cases of sex discrimination, including sexual harassment and sexual violence.  She is currently looking looking to explore more creative ways of working towards gender equity, specifically more proactive measures - rather than reactive ones - that will help foster changes in culture.


is a St. Louis-based sculptor with a durational arts practice aimed at addressing issues of social justice. Her practice is based on her belief that art can (and should) change the world. She understands change to be the result of small shifts often expressed through simple artful gestures. Her most recent creation, Room13Delmar, is a tricycle-based mobile art studio. She has a Masters of Fine Arts degree in Sculpture from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and currently holds a post graduate fellowship in Social Practice in the Department of Fine and Performing Arts of Saint Louis University. For the past six years her practice has primarily been focused on seeking to address St. Louis’ Delmar Divide by developing a more visible arts presence in the blocks of the Grand Center Arts District north of Delmar.


is an urban planner and researcher exploring relationships between communities and food, between communities and the natural world, and between our built environments and justice. In theory and practice, she examines how to create spaces that build community, and question conceptions of health and wellbeing, identifying them as holistic notions of physical, social, political, and environmental conditions; states mediated through space and time. She is currently getting her Masters in Urban Planning at Harvard University's Graduate School of Design, examining relationships between seed saving, bio-cultural diversity and food sovereignty.


is a designer originally from Northern California now living in Los Angeles. She has worked in apparel design for seven years, and currently designs and produces her own brand, DAL RAE, manufactured in Los Angeles. In Oaxaca will study the form and practices behind traditional jewelry made pre-and post Spanish colonization in southern Mexico, working in a traditional medium of jewelry design known as Lost Wax. She is interested in examining the original form and practices of jewelry making in the area in order to explore the relationship between traditional forms of expression and how historical cultural influences shape current design perspective, tying to her own heritage of both Mexican and Spanish origin.


is an activist and organizer whose work has focused on resource redistribution and building a just transition to a different economy with roots in the food justice movement. Currently in her first year of a Masters in Urban Planning at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design, her academic pursuits focus on designing and building a world where justice and community voice are paramount. As an organizer who has seen communities continuously and courageously fight to say “no” to policies and programs that were designed without community input, she is eager to learn more tools and practices that can be used to build a world in which we want to say “yes” .


is an artist and photographer whose work investigates American culture. Through deconstruction and appropriation of art, artifacts and various sub-cultures, she recreates the narrative from her personal perspective.  Born and raised outside of Chicago, she holds a BA in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Colorado-Boulder and a Masters in Education from DePaul University in Chicago. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally — currently at the American Embassy in Uruguay — and also resides in the permanent collections of the Illinois Institute of Art, Wheaton College, Harrison Street Lofts, Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Lowey, LLP and a number of private collections.  


is a San Francisco native whose work involves photographing and reframing sculptural forms. Her work has been featured at The Museo ItaloAmericano, Perspective Gallery, 66 Balmy as well as exhibited by the Griffin Museum, Cannessa Gallery and The MPLS photo center along with various private collections and institutions. The recipient of the Eureka Fellowship, SECA Nomination, Mills Graduate Research Grant and Nell Stinton scholarship, she now resides in Evanston, Illinois where she maintains a working artist studio and has launched a community exhibition space, Platform, with artist Maggie Mieners.





























was born in the South of France, growing up in San Cristobal de las Casas in Chiapas, Mexico; New York City; and Santa Fe, New Mexico.  She was previously editor in chief of Yahoo Politics and Washington editor of Yahoo News, a senior editor and columnist at The Atlantic, national online politics editor at The Washington Post, and a senior editor at The American Prospect magazine. She has been awarded an October 2018 residency at the Rockefeller Foundation’s Bellagio Center in Bellagio, Italy, was in 2006 a fellow at the Joan Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy Schoo., and taught in Georgetown's Master of Professional Studies in Journalism program. She  is currently working on her first book, a memoir about AIDS, activism and coming of age in America in the late 1980s.


is an independent artist living in New York City exploring themes of ritual and space. As a Creative Director and Designer, she consults for various companies on branding and design projects. In 2014 she launched Tenfold New York, a range of luxury homewares manufactured all over the globe exclusively for The Line. She paints in Tribeca, teaches yoga in Nolita and resides in the East Village.  


(b. 1995, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic – la isla) integrates practices of collaborative performances, textile craft, sculptures, inclusive workshops and discourses around safe space in response to concerns on human connections, social constructs, colonization, human rights and natural resources devastation. Realizing that a safe space is not entitled to a constraint territory nor the premises behind cultural hierarchy, but a state that we wake up to when we recognize each others as humans, she been exploring ways of creating safe spaces by constructing integrative looms for anyone to feel capable and welcome to weave and add their own energy through fabric scraps, as a way of giving more emphasis to all the makers that collaboratively build on the pieces.


is a designer based in Montreal. Her work involves creating human environments that are lived and documented, working in cinema, set design and architecture. She is the editor of a magazine called Échelles, that provides a platform for queer and marginalized voices in architecture and design.  She is currently exploring low-cost, lightweight design interventions (i.e. string lights, repurposed objects as seating) as tools for “Placemaking”’, activating public space, specifically non-places that are either dangerous or unused. 


is a designer based in Montreal with a background in Art History who builds rational, speculative and vernacular environments through the production of cinema, exhibition and publication. Her work deals with urban and social territories in which she produces rational analyzes of existing and fictional proposals, a dialectic in which one feeds the other. She is looking to develop a fragmented and soft cartography of the city of Oaxaca to reveal its occupied, empty, and safe places to in preparation for urban interventions (active, passive or preservative).


is a Minneapolis-based photographic artist working with alternative processes; platinum printing, cyanotype, photo constructions and multiple-pass printing. Her photographic work ponders universal themes of fragility and resilience, loss and persistence and the passage of time, employing shadow, light, and manipulation as metaphors for what is fleeting and ultimately mysterious. Working with the ephemeral natural world of plants and flowers, and the imprints made by their tenuous presence, her work is an affirmation of the beauty of change and a reminder of the temporal condition. She has recently received two Minnesota State Arts Board fellowships.


is a multidisciplinary artist working with a range of media that include drawing, painting, sculpture and photography.  Her work explores ideas of transformation through material explorations focused on process and color. Born in Guadalajara, Mexico and currently based in Brooklyn, Garibay Raeke holds a BFA from the California College of the Arts and an MFA from Yale University School of Art.  Her recent solo exhibitions include “closing the space between us”, The Chimney, Brooklyn; and “Every Number is One”, Transmitter, Brooklyn.  She has been an artist-in-residence at the Museum of Arts and Design, NY; Anderson Ranch Arts Center, CO; and Casa Abierta, Mexico.  She was a founding member of Grupo < > (2015-2017) a collective focused on supporting and promoting the work of Latin-American women artists in New York and is a co-founder and editor of Asteroid and Asterism a digital publication of conversations with artists on the nature of making and matter.  Other recent projects include We Are What We Do, a fundraiser in support of immigrant rights.


is a NY based photographer. Born in the Bronx, he was the recipient of the Foam Talent award from the Foam Museum in Amsterdam in 2013; and in 2014 published Strange Paradise, a book of his photographs and collages which explores American anxiety and lethargy. In 2015, he held his first solo exhibition, "Intervention," at the Kopeikin Gallery in Los Angeles and has had additional exhibitions at PCNW in Seattle, Rosfoto in St. Petersburg, Design Center Shanghai and Foley Gallery in New York City. His photographs have appeared in The New York Times, The New Yorker, W, Vice, Cultured and Bloomberg Businessweek. His work can also be seen in collections at the MoMA library, the Henry Art Museum in Seattle and Haverford College.


is a Mexican American artist and chef, growing up in Chicago and Montreal to Mexican parents. She attended culinary school and as of recently worked at the restaurant located in the New York MoMA. With a deep love for design and sculpture, she uses the techniques she learned with her hands while cooking to influence her ceramic work. She works with clay in her home studio and is currently finishing her Bachelor Degree in Ceramics in Montreal. In Oaxaca, she will be researching the Mexican American experience - exploring where her American identity begins and where her Mexican identity ends through clay sculpture and the creation of objects she grew up with such as "jarras" and ceramic plates.


Anthony Sullivan’s work explores the perception of color and space and the cognitive, environmental, and cultural conditions that affect perception. He draws inspiration from nature, ecology, the idea of the umwelt, phenomenology, evolution, neuroscience, and the intersection of modern sciences with eastern thought. Born outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1980,  Sullivan grew up in greater Philadelphia and later in Birmingham, Alabama, where he received a Visual Arts degree from the Alabama School of Fine Arts. He received a Bachelor of Architecture from Auburn University, and a Master of Architecture from Harvard University Graduate School of Design. He has participated in exhibitions at the Birmingham Public Library, the Alabama School of Fine Arts, Auburn University, Harvard University Graduate School of Design, and the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy in London with Farshid Moussavi Architecture. Sullivan currently lives and works in New York.


is an advocate for physical & mental healt and access to care, assisting clients diagnosed with and affected by chronic medical and mental health ailments to gain self-efficacy and stability. With twelve years of experience in clinical psychology, medical case management, and behavioral health interventions, Amber’s areas of focus include improving communication around disease-related education, behavior change strategies and psycho-support. Amber currently runs a collective, LifeCycle Biking, creating programming focused on emotional health and community building through cycling for women, people of color, LGBTQIA+ and low income communities.


spends a lot of her thought space contemplating pleasure, pain, healing, and growth- and how inextricably those concepts are linked.  With deep interest in BDSM, ritualization, relationship dynamics, and personal development of awareness and wellness, she promotes the use of food as a tool for self-care and healing. She is the owner of Harvest & Revel- a collaboratively-run, women-led, full service catering company based in Brooklyn that focuses on using organic, seasonal, locally sourced ingredients to create elegant culinary experiences.  


is a visual artist and restaurant industry veteran living in New York . She is currently the Events Director for Andrew Tarlow’s Marlow Collective in Brooklyn, NY. Before Marlow she was the Events Director for Roberta’s (Brooklyn) and prior to that managed the kitchens at April Bloomfield’s Manhattan restaurants The Breslin and The John Dory Oyster Bar. As an artist, she has worked with photography, textiles & sculpture with an emphasis on thread & fabric. She has shown her work internationally and continues to explore the tentative nature of human connections and emotions through both written and visual mediums. Before landing in Brooklyn, Tucker spent many years in the San Francisco Bay Area making and exhibiting art, honing cooking skills and nurturing her food passion. She continues to make art, make food and eat well.


is a Dallas -born, Brooklyn -based artist who has worked as a musician for most of his life.  In high school he picked up knitting to pass time, and continued to do so on and off over the next years. Two years ago, he began teaching himself how to weave and is now working and experimenting in this medium that fully engages his entire being.


is a photographer and consultant raised between London and Los Angeles, now based in Paris. With a background in design and art direction, she approaches projects from the perspective of each person involved in creating a body of work, resulting in many long lasting collaborations between designers, brands and magazines. She is involved in organizing and teaching annual photography and textiles workshops in Rajasthan, India and is in the process of developing a range of printed textiles from her grandmother’s 1960’s design archives.


is a free lance dance artist based out of Toronto, Ontario. She has worked for companies including Opera Atelier, Cadence Progressive Contemporary Ballet, Ballet Creole, and Kemi Dance Projects amongst many others. Previous to her move back to Toronto she was dancing in Montreal and with Citie Ballet in Edmonton, AB. She has a background of classical technique from studies at The National Ballet School of Canad and her curiosity to connect humanity lies at the core of the work she is drawn to and the exploration and creative processes she develops choreographically. She allows ambiguity to be present in both her interior and exterior realms, having studied and worked with a large scope of movement languages leading to an interest in trauma informed practices. Her personal practice is informed by her bi-racial identity and experiences as an undefined melting pot. She practices and is interested in a state of the undefined where vulnerability, humanity, mystery, conflict, difficulty and process exist. 


is a writer, editor and author based in New York City. She has worked as the Managing Editor of Serious Eats and Senior Editor of Tasting Table, and is the co-author of four cookbooks, including the IACP and James Beard Award-winning "Taste & Technique: Recipes to Elevate Your Home Cooking" (Ten Speed Press) with chef Naomi Pomeroy of Beast in Portland, OR. Her writing has appeared in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Saveur, Lucky Peach and more. She is a frequent audio guest and correspondent on The Lonely Hour, Prince Street Podcast and various Heritage Radio Network productions and will be working on a personal project exploring the most universal and most challenging of human experiences: change.


is writer and photographer with a background in filmmaking and visual art, recently completing her first novel originating from a video project in the holy city of Varanasi and the desert of Rajasthan. Her writing is featured in many arts journals and, as an arts journalist, she has interviewed writers and filmmakers such as Wim Wenders, Marina Abramovic and Andrea Arnold.  Born in the U.K, she has lived in Paris, Brooklyn, Berlin, and Indonesia.


is a Amsterdam - based photographer.  After finishing a degree in fashion photography from the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague she has been traveling internationally, exploring humans through the photographic lens. She has also taught drawing and painting in India as well as photography in the townships of Capetown and at a refugee center in Holland. For the past three years she has been working with an agency in Amsterdam on various commercial work. 


is a NY based chef and the cofounder of the culinary creative company bigLITTLE Get Together with Lauren Gerrie, creating private dinners, brand experiences, private chef opportunities, pop ups, and styling. She is currently executive chef for a hotel & travel brand as well as guest contributor for Counter Service Magazine.


is a chef, dancer and artist. She is the cofounder of bigLITTLE Get Together with Flannery Klette-Kolton, a partner and pastry consultant at Cervo's restaurant, a food writer for Paper Magazine, Domino Magazine + more and when not cooking she co-teaches an all levels adult dance class called MOVES. She is preparing for a month long restaurant pop-up in Geneva prior to her residency along with other freelance chef work.   


is a NY based Puerto Rican photographer, designer and musician studying indigenous music through both photography and sound. 


was born in Mexico City and raised in Colima Mexico.  She has been living and working as a potter in upstate NY for the past seven years in the at a craft community called The Rochester Folk Art Guild, before which she attended Parsons School of Design in NYC.  Her pottery is functional, and transmits the work that has been passed on to her. 


is vocalist, songwriting collaborator and percussionist of Sávila as well as video installation creator, costume and set design enthusiast. She holds a degree in international politics and Latin American studies with a focus on international indigenous rights advocacy, working for organization Cultural Survival and as a social worker in Mexico and with Native Youth in the Pacific Northwest. Her background in independent music as the vocalist of all-woman identifying queer band Swan Island took her around the United States and she has studied theater/clown at the Ecole Phillippe Gaulier and with Giovanni Fiusetti after which she travelled by train as a performer with the 200 year old Ringling Brothers Circus for two years. 


is guitarist, songwriting collaborator, looping and effect pedal magician and experimental synth artist of Sávila.  She is also the Creator, Editor and Chief of She Shreds Magazine the world’s only magazine dedicated to female guitarists-advancing women’s place in music and culture through this publication as well as curating female-fronted showcases and acting as a consultant with larger brands in an effort to help reshape their existing norms and expectations of women in the music industry. She is also a part of latinx female dj collective Noche Libre highlighting different styles of music by artists from all over Latin America and creates as a solo artist and under the name Reyna Tropical.


is a social worker and sexual health educator living and working in Manhattan. During the day she teaches sex education, developing educational programming designed to deepen commitment to service, diversity, equity, and inclusion through girl's leadership programs, service learning experiences, and cultural events.  She is also a painter and her work in Oaxaca used this medium to explore the meaning of intimacy and the implications of this concept on how young people conceptualize sexual experiences and human connection.  


Summer Dunsmore is a storyteller, documentarian, and recent graduate of the MFA in Experimental and Documentary Arts program at Duke University.  She explores dialogues between decolonizing language, femalx/queer embodiment, and the natural world through multimedia installation, documenting movement research and composing new written work.  


is a Bay Area native, who has lived in New York the last 5 years as a baker, cook and caterer.  Previous to her work in the kitchen she worked in early childhood education for many years, specifically Headstart.  While she still loves teaching, working in food refines what she most appreciates about working in schools and education: getting to know different children, families, and through those relationships getting to know different cultures and communities.


has been bouncing between the art world and the food world for the past 10 years, recently discovering they co-exist.  Born in Cambridge MA and currently based in New York by way of Oakland, Tali is an observer and a listener, and cooking has always provided, in some subtle way, a form of sculpture -- fine arts training was bridged with cooking by training as a butcher, sculpting meat.  Tali is currently working on with Hannah Jacobs on a food pop up, babydudes, as well as a number of arts education and accessibility projects at MoMa and elsewhere.  


is a Mexican architect with a focus on traditional wood architecture.  After studying at the ITESM Chihuahua and finishing her graduate degree in architecture at Columbia University, she has spent the past four years working at the IM Pei office in New York as well as teaching as an adjunct professor in Monterrey.   She is also a painter.  


is a Canberra, Australia based artist working with ephemeral installations, collage, performance and wearable objects. She is in the first year of a PhD speculating on the relationship between my digital and physical presences and what might happen if the body’s physiology has agency in digital environments. Prior to her visual arts practice, she was a biological chemist with research interests in tracking complex information systems inside cells, and ways of integrating prosthetics with the human body. Through her work with residents Alison Moeller and Kate McCambridge, she is exploring how water-based metaphors might be used to create systems in which expressions of consciousness, the physical body and digital engagement may merge.  


is an artist working across installation, performance and photography, recently completing her MA at the Royal College of Art and MSc at Imperial College.  Her work moves between gallery, stage and public space and draws from such diverse areas as archeology, choreography, cognitive psychology and typology.  Along with residents Alison Moeller and Deidre Pierce, she will be further developing their previous body of work in a new environment enabling a new set of interactions and images. 


is a graphic designer and art director based in Oakland, California exploring wellness and the healing power of plants while shaping the interaction between word and image to design forms of communication. Along with residents Kate McCambridge and Deidre Pierce, she will be further developing their previous body of work in a new environment enabling a new set of interactions and images. 


is a prose writer currently in the University of Virginia’s MFA program.  She has worked in the marketing departments of Random House and Knopf and is currently at work on an essay/collage/translation piece called “Translating Lorca" through the combined exploration of Federico García Lorca’s poem “Ciudad sin sueño,” a 1968 Playboy magazine, the Mexican game Lotería, and personal experience. 


is an artist based in New Mexico. Her work is an investigation of art's alchemical capacity to transmute obstacles into talismans, new forms, and medicine.  She is the co-founder of the Canaries Collective, a network of cis women, trans and non-binary people living and working  with autoimmune conditions and other chronic illnesses.


is an artist born and raised in the Midwest and Hong Kong, whose interests include color psychology, geometry, light and shadow, global and local architecture, and human interaction with the land.  Inspired by her research into color theory and basic brain science, she plans to create a body of work inspired by the landscape of Oaxaca. 


Haydee Zelideth is a New York City based costume designer working in theater, opera, film and TV.  She will be researching weaving as a living expression of cultural memory, and a way of preserving and confirming one’s existence in the world as well as exploring her own cultural heritage. 


Liza Lacroix is a Montreal born artist based in New York City.  She has exhibited internationally in both solo and group shows and is also the co-founder of NUT, an all-women's annual art publication.


is a printmaker, prop stylist, and adjunct faculty at Parsons/The New School in New York City, with degrees from Rhode Island School of Design (textiles) and Cranbrook Academy of Art (fiber). She will be looking at the Zapotec sculptures from Monte Albán, using their head dresses, ear plugs, feathers, etc. as elements in a series of drawings and silkscreens of hybrid beings like chimeras and cyborgs.


 is a visual artist and sculptor based in Atlanta, Georgia who explores ritual and alchemical transformations through the unknown and through universals, including the natural world, catastrophe, chaos, and the cosmos. She has been granted a Research and Development award to attend this residency from Idea Capital in Atlanta, GA, working on a project which fuses the research of traditional Zapotec weaving methods and Zapotec black pottery traditions of Oaxaca, Mexico.


is the founder of off-space Pied-à-terre,through which he has organized group exhibitions, solo exhibitions and reading series as well as publishing collections of writings, interviews and catalogues . He has been commissioned to make a new 16mm film and will be documenting the landscape and sense of place in specific regions of Mexico. 


is a doctoral candidate at Bard Graduate Center in New York, with a background in Design History & Material Culture. She is investigating the documentation of craft through various modes and media of representation, with special reference to Navajo weavers and the ‘photography of making.’


is a weaver and researcher, working through ideas on Anni Albers practice and her legacy as an educator. MJ's work takes the form of research/creation -  it includes written components but also informes her future weaving and dyeing work, exploring questions about how or what we can communicate through textiles today. 


was born in Paris and studied art history in La Sorbonne as well as Fashion Design at Esmod and Graphic Design at LISAA. After working as a graphic designer,  she began the flower design company ANATOMIE last year.   She will be working on a collaboration with Norwegian photographer Ingrid Pop to explore flowers as objects and experiment with ways to preserve their beauty, stopping their process of decay by attempting to turn them into sculptures.


Leslie Koch was the founding President of the Trust for Governors Island. Under her leadership Governors Island was transformed from an obsolete military base into a dynamic public space focused on extraordinary, inclusive design and a unique, open approach to cultural programming.  Previously she was the founding CEO of the Fund for Public Schools, an educational non profit in New York City and an executive at Microsoft.   She is now an independent advisor working on public & private partnerships.


is the San Francisco born, Bali -based founder of Menyan Projects, making natural and plant based products.  


are chefs, artists and herbalists as well as the co-founders of the Kosmic Kitchen, teaching elemental theory and kitchen herbalism.  They will be studying how folk herbal traditions are interwoven into life in Oaxaca through medicine making, food and ritual as well as the role of women as healers, cooks and stewards of the family.  The are currently in the process of writing their first book.


is a chef and founder of JOINT VENTURE,  an alternative approach to serving food by creating unique experiences among the communities we engage with.  


is an editor, food and crime fiction writer, and Bartender-at-Large. She is the co-author of Dinner at the Long Table and the Saltie Cookbook as well as the founding editor of Diner Journal, an independent food, art and literature magazine since its inception in 2006.


is an artist and writer based in Brooklyn, NY. She has worked with non-profit, writer-run presses and organizations such as Ugly Duckling Presse and Wendy's Subway as an editor and programming assistant. For the last four years she has organized site specific installations featuring new work by artists in both Los Angeles and New York. She joined Joint Venture as the managing director in November of 2016.


is a freelance dancer also working with Yoga, Pilates, and Thai Massage.  She, along with collaborator and banjo player Jim Kivlen are exploring a project deconstructing memories to reconstruct these stories through music and movement.


is a playwright, musician, and performer based in New York. He, along with collaborator and dancer Rachel Abrahams, are exploring a project deconstructing memories to reconstruct these stories through music movement.


 is a fellow and contributor at the Nation Institute, where she reports on race and politics, and an investigative fellow at Reveal at the Center for Investigative Reporting. She received an Emmy for work on MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes and won the National Association of Black Journalists’ 2016 award for commentary. Her work has appeared in the New Yorker, Glamour Magazine, and New York Magazine among others. Collier lives in Brooklyn.


is a NY based attorney and photographer, spending her days practicing public criminal defense and immigration law in the Bronx, and her nights/weekends devoted to documentary and fine art photography.


is a novelist and essayist based in Brooklyn, NY. 


is an artist, chef, forager, ikebana enthusiast, writer, food activist and traveler based in new york city. born in utah to palestinian immigrants, ahmad spent her early life traveling back-and-forth between the southwest and her family’s village in the west bank, where her interest in foraging began. since then she has studied culinary traditions and wild food ways in italy, mexico, palestine, and north america in an effort to record and help preserve indigenous culinary traditions and methods of survival. 


is a designer and founder of ARC objects, a body of work that seeks to encourage mindfulness and individual creative expression. From jewelry to home objects, it is a collection that explores and experiments with wearable and functional sculpture.  She works and lives in New York City, as well as Mallorca, Spain. 


 is a New York based architect and the design manager for exhibitions at The Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Met Breuer. Before life at the Met he taught courses on architecture, furniture design, and fabrication and was the Director of the Yale Architecture Gallery. He grew up in Iowa and resides in Brooklyn New York.


is a Los Angeles based nurse and writer whose writing explores health, illness, and care. 


 is a PhD candidate in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Chicago. Her research examines the cultural politics of oil & gas development in northwestern New Mexico. She holds a Masters in Geography from the University of Toronto. She is collaborating with artist Rebecca Mir Grady on STRATA, a project that responds to climate change across geological, hydrological, and atmospheric mediums. 


is an artist, jewelry designer and writer living and working in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Born in Alaska and raised in Maine, her creative sensibility is steeped in saltwater and mountains. Her work is focused on the perplexing character of interactions with the natural world, and the subsequent ramifications. Grady holds an MFA from the University of Illinois at Chicago and a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.


is a classically trained artist and painter who has been working as a creative director in New York for the past 12 years and has now returned to making her own artwork. 


is an Oakland based painter and Ceramist currently studying at Pratt in NY.  Her work has been shown at the Berkeley Art Museum, various galleries in San Francisco, Oakland, France and Japan. 


is an Australian author and photographer of four books - The Bathers Pavilion Cookbook, One, Colour and Real.  She is the founder of  The Russell Hotel (Sydney's first small boutique hotel in The Rocks) The Bathers Pavilion (a restaurant and cafe overlooking Balmoral's beach) and The Film Business (a commercial production company).  She has been a fashion editor for Vogue, Cosmopolitan and freelance stylist. 


is a photographer from Menorca, Spain currently working on a documentation of Oaxacan Mezcaleras.    


is a designer and Creative Director in New York and LA, creating narrative environments, immersive art installations and cultural happenings. She is currently working on a sculptural project inspired by the cultural landscape of Oaxaca.


is an editor and writer studying, researching and thinking about ways of living and the importance of materials in culture. She is the former editor-in -chief of  T: The New York Times Style Magazine and WSJ Magazine.


is a Cuban born, US based artist, designer and film-maker.  She is the co-founder of  Carbo Films, a production company creating national and international advertising campaigns for countless multinational brands and specializing on the US Hispanic market.


 is a Vancouver- based photographer whose work explores issues of movement, belonging, loss and the impermanence of things. She was born in Karachi, Pakistan and grew up in Saudi Arabia .  A solo exhibition of her series 'There, There' was part of Vancouver's Capture Photo Festival last spring. She is also a writer and poet and has worked in broadcast journalism at NBC News and as an anchor and reporter at DawnNews in Dehli. 


is the founder of New York's Rockaway - based Arts in Parts, a program creating diverse and unique learning experiences for kids led by artists, educators, and creatives -- empowering young minds through, creativity, critical thinking and curiosity for the natural world. She makes work and lead workshops relating to food education and human's relationship to nature. 


has been investigating water through the lens of baking. The past year she has been working at a wood-fired bread bakery in Maine and studying the intersection between swimming, food, writing and community.  She grew up in the Haight-Ashbury of San Francisco. 


is the author of the novel Sorry to Disrupt the Peace (McSweeney’s). She is a poet. She was born in South Korea and lives in Los Angeles.


is a writer and collage artist. She is the author of the essay collection Sunshine State and the novel Binary Star. Her short stories, essays, interviews, and criticism have appeared in The New York Times, Granta, Vice, The Baffler, and other journals, as well as anthologies. She teaches writing in New York City.


is a designer and the founder of Off Season NYC, a women's collection designed in NYC and inspired by Rockaway beach.  She was born and raised in New York City and lives year-round in Rockaway Beach.


is a writer and co-director of Food Book Fair, an event set at the intersection of food culture and food systems.  She lives in Brooklyn, NY.


is a Brooklyn based ceramic artist studying ancient forms and techniques from cultures with deep roots in hand built pottery.  


 is an artist whose practice focuses on soft sculpture.  Based in San Francisco, she works sculpturally to create textured surfaces & forms with natural materials such as wool, cotton, jute, & indigo. 


is one half of theinternationally acclaimed photography team of Gentl and Hyers, with her husband and long time collaborator Martin Hyers.


is the Creative Director and Founder of the New York based creative studio, RoAndCo and recently launched publication, Romance Journal. 


is a natural dyer and textile designer living and producing her work in New York. She is committed to sustainable and ethical production, sourcing ethical and sustainable fabrics and creating unique editions exclusive to the environments in which they are sold. 


 is a natural dyer, jeweler and fiber artist working in Brooklyn, New York.  Her namesake accessories line, Erin Considine, is inherently multidisciplinary, bridging the worlds of fiber, natural dye and metalsmithing.  


is a New York based multi-disciplinary artist whose work explores themes of identity, growth and deterioration, permanence and temporality. She works in textile, sculpture, installation and print. 


is a Brooklyn based writer, the author of the novel Tuesday Nights in 1980, and the founder of The Blue School, a progressive, creative writing school in Brooklyn.  


is a painter, printmaker, textile artist, and teacher.  She is the founder of Wildcraft Studio School in White Salem, Washington and Portland, Oregon, a creative center offering workshops in traditional skills, studio arts, plant medicine, and sustainable practices. 


is a designer and visual artist based in Philadelphia, PA.  She works in several mediums, including printmaking, ceramics, painting, and sculpture, as well graphic identity and floral work.  Her interest in plants and flowers motivates both her art and design.  


is an Austin based artist and designer.  She is the founder of Studio B, a collection of hand-printed textiles. 


is a London based artist and researcher currently completing an MFA in Materials, Anthropology, and Design at University College London.  


is the founder of Healdsburg SHED in Healdsburg, CA, a cafe, housewares and garden store, food market, and modern community grange with the mission to promote and celebrate good farming, good cooking, and good eating. 


is a painter and designer.  She is the co-founder of Fort Makers, a Brooklyn based artist collective.   


is the chef of Achilles Heel in Brooklyn, NY.  


is an artist and writer based in Chicago.  Her work is primarily concerned with the perplexing character of interactions with nature. She is currently researching a book about the end of the world.


is a designer and current Art Director at Partners and Spade.  


is an interdisciplinary artist based in Brooklyn, New York. She uses durational performance, textile, painting, and writing as platforms to reflect on contemporary issues dealing with feminism, war resolutions, globalization, and the search for one’s identity. 


is the owner of The Primary Essentials in Brooklyn and is currently working on her own line of home goods.  


is an Austin, TX based designer, natural dye artist and the founder of Miranda Bennet Studio.  


is a New York based painter.  


is a working artist, designer and fine arts teacher. 


is a New York based attorney.  


is a New York based designer merging traditional techniques with modern aesthetics.  


is a Brooklyn based travel, food and lifestyle photographer.  Her residency work studies light and shadow in Oaxaca.   


is the founder of  l’aviva home collective , a New York based home ware-studio collaborating with leaders in the artisan design industry to create authentic, of-a-place interiors around the world.


is the founder of Zephyr Projects in upstate New York, representing select emerging artists, showcasing both their work and artistic process. 


Anna Gallen is finishing her Master’s thesis on Mexican textiles, the role they play in the international design world, and their potential for subverting imperial relationships.  


is a UX/UI Designer with a background in Psychology Research and Graphic Design.


is a painter and textile designer.  She is the founder of Caroline Z Hurley, a home-ware company based in New York.  


is a San-Francisco based chef.  


is a Brooklyn-based designer.  He is the founder / producer of Todd Heim Projects, a small textile studio creating textiles for the beach and home, focusing on fine materials, simple design and quality construction. 


is an artist and the ceramicist behind Workaday Handmade.  


is a Norwegian born, NY based artist working in fashion, textiles and photography. 


is a Brooklyn based photographer.  His research and work focuses on exploring unseen perspectives of the everyday.   


is Brooklyn based textile artist, photographer, and ceramicist.  She is a former artist-in- residence at the Textile Art Center.   


is a Phoenix-based designer and fiber artist, whose work focuses on natural dyes, installations, and organic materials. 


is a Brooklyn-based brand strategist at Sylvain Labs and a former chef.  


is a Brooklyn based photographer, whose work combines editorial portraiture and candid photojournalism. 


is a floral designer, stylist, and writer.  She is the founder of Saipua, The Little Flower School, and World's End Farm


is a designer and Creative Director.  


is a chef and educator currently teaching at Saint Ann's School in Brooklyn. 


is partner and Chef de Cuisine of New York restaurants  Colonia Verde and Comodo.  


is a LA based designer and cofounder of the clothing brand Day Space Night. 


is an artist with a particular interest in ethnobotany.  Her artwork proposes a continuity between the human body and the land.  


is a LA based photographer, and author of "In Full Flower". 


is a Oaxaca based fashion designer. 


a Los Angeles based editorial photographer focusing on food and portraiture


is a Brooklyn based painter and textile artist. 


is a Brooklyn based artist, illustrator, and printmaker whose current work explores the use and symbolism of altars, both personally and culturally. 


is a artist and builder working out of the Invisible Dog Art Center in Brooklyn. 


is a Seattle based photographer. 


is a Houston based artist and designer that specializes in color work and education as well as architectural design.


is a LA based producer.


is a NY based food photographer.


is a New York based writer, photographer, illustrator, and creative communications consultant.  She is the creator of The Core Stories.  






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