Residencia Botánica was a residency / workshop / retreat in partnership with floral designer Sarah Ryhanen of Saipua, and chef Nahvae Frost of Eleven36.

The residency offered creative professionals and small business owners a space to to expand botanical and floral knowledge and regain creative inspiration through guided and independent interaction with the botanical diversity and culture of Oaxaca.  

It was also a time to slow down and observe.  To give deliberate attention to beauty and to develop a deeper sense of calm and connection to process, materials, and community.  

Significant time was spent on individual projects, research and exploration, the rest was spent in workshops, lectures, and demonstrations to provide broader context for independent work and research.  Floral workshops were led by Sarah; daily evening meals were created by Nahvae and styled by students; visits and lectures were provided by locals in the field.  


Sarah Ryhanen is a a self-taught floral designer, stylist and writer with a background in Contemporary Art.  She is the founder of Saipua, The Little Flower School, and World's End Farm. Her work has appeared in publications such as The New York Times, Vogue and Martha Stewart. Sarah is a Leo with Taurus rising. 

Nahvae Frost is the chef and owner of Brooklyn’s Eleven36 and L'atelier Vert. Her experience and philosophy revolves around creating vegetable-forward food aligned with location and season, focusing on varying tastes, flavors, and how we feel when our bodies are finely tuned.  Through her food and practice, she hopes to nurture a healthier approach towards cooking, eating and overall well-being by recognizing food as a simple and necessary medium through which we can profoundly effect change in both ourselves and the world around us.

December 5-10, 2016