January 13-21, 2017



From Gentl and Hyers:

We will work together to hone visual skills and expands your technical education within the context of one of the most culturally rich, wildly colorful and light-filled cities in Mexico. 

Oaxaca City was deemed a World Historical Site by UNESCO in 1982, and its beautiful and long- standing traditions are deeply rooted in the botanic diversity of the land. Our storylines for this workshop revolve around the culture’s expanisve use of indigenous plants, which we will explore through intimate engagment with the makers and materials of Oaxacan crafts, mezcals, and food. We will explore natural plant dyes, mescal farms, markets,

The week is an active and dynamic blend of artisan home visits and demonstrations, vibrant local markets, stunning architecture, innovative Oaxacan cuisine, sprawling agave fields, quiet towns and Mesoamerican ruins all woven into our hands-on tutorials, instruction, and group discussions. 

We hope you will join us in Oaxaca. Feel free to email us with any questions regarding the trips. Trips open for registration are open for registration now here. Email us here.

We realize that these long extensive workshops are a commitment both emotionally and monetarily, we are here to make it your best experience ever. We feel longer workshops allow you the time to become immersed in your craft and to internalize and put into practice what you are learning.

We are currently working on the itinerary for Oaxaca. we will share more with you as we approach the date. What we can tell you is that it will be a beautiful trip in a magical place full of incredible people, markets and light.

Early mornings will be spent exploring and each day will consist of lectures, trips, shooting and hands on practice. Evenings are for dinners together, editing and one on one time.

Like each individual, every story is different and we want you to find your voice in Oaxaca. Your  narrative could be an overall travel story, or perhaps one with an emphasis on portraits or makers or markets or natural dyes.

We are partnering with local makers, mescal farms, artisans, chefs, restaurants and more.

This is a photography workshop for those who are interested in photography, travel, food and craft.

Each participant will be required to bring a laptop with an updated version of Capture One Pro. We feel this is the best editing platform and it is the easiest for us to teach in group form.

All levels are welcome.

This workshop residency is limited to 8 participants. Enrollment is on a first come first serve basis. Residency fees cover housing,  meals, all scheduled events, workshops, and workshop-specific materials.  Residents are responsible for their own travel costs.  

*Residents will be housed in a spacious B&B with considerable outdoor space to create work or lounge in hammocks. Oaxacan breakfast will be provided each morning. 

photos: Saipua, Pocoapoco