Residencia de la Tela   

On Textiles and How We Exist  :: Our intrinsic connection to materials and making

FEBRUARY 12-19, 2017

In partnership with Owyn Ruck

(Founder of the Textile Art Center, adjunct professor at Parson’s School of Design, Board Member of the Textile Society of America


This residency /workshop moves away from active textile production and instruction, and instead provides a unique opportunity to examine our interest in “making” from a deeper psychological, cultural, and spiritual level -- exploring textiles as an embodiment of creative thought, and an avenue for personal and cultural connection. 

NOTE: This residency is open (and encouraged) to artists and non-artists of all mediums and interests.  The total cost for this 7 day workshop is $2500 and is limited to 10 participants. 



Making with our hands as means of expression is a universal human endeavor inspired by an essential creative energy.  Fibers we spin and threads we weave are markers of time, place, and culture and allow us an immediate creative outlet, while simultaneously building a long-term collective memory.  Here, we find a balance between the spiritual and physical, the mind and the hands.  

Through in-depth conversations with artisans and artists, lectures, group dialogues, healing practices, and hands-on experimentation,  we will explore how textile traditions, natural fibers and our own personal habits of making reflect broader values and human needs — individual creation and community connection, physical action and mindful meditation, cultural tradition and social innovation, utilitarian use and emotional attachment.



A portion of each day will be open for individual projects and exploration of Oaxaca, with open assistance from program directors. Each morning will begin with an hour long “practice” or meditative making (spinning, weaving, etc) and each day will also include 1-2 scheduled workshops, day trips, conversations and/or lectures to provide broader context for your independent practice, research, and group dialogue. Residents are encouraged to devote time each day to writing, documentation, and/or hands-on work. You will be given a notebook and drop spindle as well as optional writing prompts and relevant reading materials.  

Evenings, we will come together to relax, discuss, and reflect over dinner, either in the hotel or at a local restaurant.  On the final Saturday, we will have a group presentation and celebratory dinner to share knowledge, thoughts and ideas that have come from the week.

**Oaxacan breakfast and dinner will be served each day.  Residents will be housed in a spacious B&B with considerable outdoor space to create work and/or lounge in hammocks. 

The total cost of this residency is $2500 and it is limited to 10 participants.  Residency fees cover housing, morning and evening meals, all scheduled events, workshops, and workshop-specific materials.  Residents are responsible for their own travel costs, insurance and any additional meals.