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DUE MAY 10, 2019.



Pocoapoco hosts four to five residents in a centrally located home in Oaxaca City ( images here) as well as two off-site residents each month.

Previous residents have included writers & journalists, musicians & fine artists, architects & designers, researchers & Ph.D candidates, chefs & botanists, arts administrators & social workers, as well as lawyers, educators, performers and others. Please read more about our residency and mission HERE.


Pocoapoco is a platform to support investigation, conversation and reflection surrounding creative work, process and purpose.

Residents work independently on proposed project or research, though collaborative work and exploration is encouraged.


Residencies include

  • Optional planning call prior to residency

  • Housing (for on-site residents)

  • Initial meetings and city orientation 

  • Assistance with project development, local introductions and navigation of the Oaxaca area*

  • Access to common workspace in the residency house 

  • Weekly talks with local artists / creatives

  • Optional breakfast Monday - Friday

  • Bi-weekly meals with fellow residents and local guests

  • Optional trips outside the city center

  • Monthly creative workshops with a local after-school group

  • Sharing of work and / or research process with other residents and local partners

  • Airport pick-up and transportation to the residency or your accommodation upon arrival 


Residents meet one-on-one at the beginning and end of their stay to define plans for / reflect on their time at the residency.

The group comes together for weekly talks from local artists and for dinners, drinks, and conversations with fellow residents, local partners and friends. Residents share previous or current work and research during their stay through an first-week resident gathering (to discuss previous work & experience) and for a final open house / presentation the last weekend of the residency. Each month we host a local after-school group for a creative workshop & lunch developed through resident skills & ideas.

*Please note: We assist with project development and research as much as possible to create a platform of support, conversation, reflection and accessibility.  That said, all needs and desires are not always possible to access and the primary work does lie in the hands of resident themselves.  

Applicants are encouraged to consider (both on application and during their stay) how their work or research will interact with Oaxaca as a place, community and culture, and to reflect on their role and responsibility as a an artist or researcher learning and creating in a new location.   Due to the limited time-frame, we are less focused on your capability to learn / produce / execute, and more so on the thoughtful process and purpose from which you are doing so.

These independent residencies include varied participation in ongoing short-term residency events, lectures, discussions and dinners.  

Please read more about our residents and their work here.




FEBRUARY 10 - MARCH 1, 2020

MARCH 9 - 29, 2020

APRIL 13 - MAY 2, 2020


On-site residents are housed in private apartments within a larger, beautifully renovated Oaxacan home  Each space is of a different size and offers slightly different amenities which may be more or less beneficial to areas of work / study.   PLEASE NOTE: We now also host off-site residents each month, who take part in all programming but who find their own housing.

el pochote is situated on the west side of the courtyard. It has a bedroom with a separate dining / kitchen area and a small work table.  It has is a private bathroom and basic kitchen.  This is recommended for those who would like a little more living or work space.  

a voladora is on the roof and opens onto the terrace.  It is a single room with a private bathroom, small desk and beautiful view. It has a camping stove and small fridge.  This is recommended for writers and researchers who do not need a large space for movement or creation. 

la cocinera is a private bedroom situated on the east side of the courtyard, connecting to a private bathroom as well as a full kitchen shared with la guadalupe.

la guadalupe is a large spacious private bedroom with high ceilings situated on the east side of the courtyard. It shares a full kitchen with la cocinera and has a shared bath slightly outside the room.

la cocinera and la guadalupe are the best space for residents interested in cooking, though the large prep table can also be used for other types of work.  These two spaces are also perfect for collaborating artists.

(off-site residents take part in all components of the residency and secure independent housing)



We encourage innovative and varying interests, projects and research topics.  

Collaborators are welcome to apply together.  Please fill out individual applications for each resident / collaborator.  

We look forward to learning more about your work!  Contact or with any questions.   


3 week residency:  $1300 -1650 (program + housing) / $600 (program only)

Please note: We are a small independent arts program and do not receive external funding support. Residency fees are priced to maintain sustainability of the program. Though we are able to offer very limited funding opportunities, we are happy to work with accepted residents on varying payment plans and installments.  For interested applicants and accepted residents in need of funding assistance, we suggest looking into outside resources (such as these) for which we are happy to provide letters of invitation or other documents of support.

We do offer limited scholarships when possible.  Please note in your application if you are in need of a scholarship or if you are able to offer scholarship assistance.

Please contact for more information.  

50% deposit due upon confirmation of attendance.  Final deposit will be due one month before the program.  Deposits are non-refundable.

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